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Hello! And welcome to the new series here on the website! Due to personal reasons I had to stop the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge which I was enjoying so much! I was going to carry on when I got back but the save corrupted so we had to say goodbye! So we said our goodbyes to the old and in with the new and I couldn’t wait to get started with this series! I’ve never managed outside England before in any previous Football Manager games so this is going to be an experience for both you reading and me playing so sit back, grab a drink and something to eat, get comfortable and let me go through Pre Season with you!

So with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer going to Manchester United to sort out the mess over there, The job was open for someone who could take the club to the next level. Someone who could take Molde FK to the league title, someone who could make this club a threat in Europe. So who did they decide to give this huge task to? Some bloke from Nottingham, England who managed Forest Green Rovers in League 2 who can’t speak a word of Norwegian. This is going to be fun…



So the first thing I thought was appropriate to do was to meet the squad and see what I was left with by Ole. Hoping someone there would be there to help me with the language barrier and get my message across…


… Nope. Look’s like I’m going to have to get a Intensive Language Course myself! But putting that aside, The squad looks pretty decent! I like my squads to have at least 3 stars in ability as I like to have some alternatives if any of my key players get injured and looking at the ability of the squad I’m very happy!

I’ve identified 3 members of the squad who I think will help me this season in achieving the targets the club has set:


What I love about each of these players is how versatile they are in the number of positions they can all play! Definitely having the strength in depth but really hoping that I won’t need to use them in any other parts of the pitch other than the positions the can play naturally.



So maybe I’m in a different country and new surroundings but with my tactics I’ve gone with the old reliable of English football and bringing the 4-4-2 to Norway! Those of you who have read previous blogs of mine (Which are still up by the way) will already be familiar with this tactic as I used it with Forest Green Rovers and it guided me from 23rd in the league to Play Off Winners in the same season! Some may say it’s luck whilst others call it skill but either way you can check out the structure of this tactic in my previous blogs and how I got on.


So even though I’m pleased with my squad, it’s only natural for me to bring in some players to provide competition to my side. I was given this as my budget:


Not bad at all! Obviously the wage budget is an issue and definitely needs addressing with the board but whilst I’m on my intensive language course I’ll just stick to the budget adjustment for now!

So what did I manage to do with the money? Well…


With the exception of Kristoffer Haugen (who’s deal was already done before I even stepped foot in Norway!) We brought in 1 and got rid of 1. Weirdly enough for the same price so I got my signing for free! If only it worked like that aye. So let’s meet our new signing!

Ohi Omoijuanfo – Stabaik – £75,000


If there’s one thing I like in my squad is a striker who has an eye for goal and I feel this man can get me many goals whilst he’s at the club and the bonus is he’s only 24! There’s definitely more room for the player to improve. With his 12 Finishing, 14 Long Shots and 14 Off The Ball, Ohi looks as if he’ll be a constant threat if he’s given the right service from my wingers and other striker so I cannot wait to see how he gets on this season!

As per Football Manager, when bringing in a new signing someone’s got to moan! And in this instance it was Daniel Chima Chukwu. He didn’t think he would get in the first team and with me not being able to guarantee him first team football and the fact he gave up so easily, he had to go. With a £75,000 and £93,000 in bonuses and a promise to pay all of his wages, Chima Chukwu was a Molde FK player no more and we wish him all the best at his new club.



Not asking much are they!

Pre Season

I like my teams to be fully fit for the new season and with only 5 games scheduled with a month break in between, that had to be changed! We had a busy Pre Season with a training camp in Portugal squeezed in there too (finally not as cold!) and I feel we are definitely ready for the new season ahead and hoping to make this season a success (maybe get some silverware but let’s not jinx it!) Here’s how we got on:

pre season.png

So with all this, That is how we got in before the season and that is where I’m going to end this blog. Thank you for taking the time give this a read and please let me know what you think of it via my twitter @TheFMBlogger and give this post a like if you’re looking forward to the first season. I hope I can make you all proud. As a heads up this is going to be an “as and when I can” save as although things personal may have gotten better, there’s still a chance of it getting back worse and I don’t want to be disappointed when I can upload/write a blog so I’m going into it with an open mind. I hope you can understand this and even with this information you’ll still support and still get excited for the series ahead. Thank You! It’s good to be back! (For those of you who just read my blog for the first time, yes I do love using brackets!).


Moldeing The Future – Football Manager 19 Blog – 2018 Season Part 1

Hello again! Welcome back to the blog series! First of all can I thank each and every one of you that supported the first post these past couple of days. I was worried that it wouldn’t be as popular as other series and that it would be a major flop but you guys absolutely blew this out of the park so thank you!

Second of all I have some pretty sad news… The Intensive Language Course has stopped! Not only didn’t I get along with my teacher, but I was informed by my good friend The Northman (@TN_TheNorthman on twitter. Check out his stuff on Youtube! and currently manages a Norwegian team in real life!) that in Norway they speak English too! Wasting my wages on a course I didn’t need! Great! Thank goodness he told me. Clearly my squad are quite the practical jokers aren’t they!

But in all seriousness I should really get on with how our first half season has got on with myself at the helm so without further ado let’s get on with it!


So I feel the best place for me to start is the rest of the transfers I made before the window slammed shut:

fm 2019-01-31 23-54-54-59

We managed to bring in two new players that I was dead excited about bringing into our squad as I feel they could definitely add some more depth into the squad. They are both defensive signings and are eager to play and get amongst the squad so let’s have a closer look at them:

Razak Nuhu - Free Signing
Razak Nuhu – LB/RB – Free Transfer
El-Hadji Kane - £150,000 - Sandefjord
El-Hadji Kane – £150,000 – CB – Sandefjord

I brought in a bit of experience with Razak and a prospect in the making with El-Hadji. When I saw Kane was available, I knew I had to get him! 14’s for Marking, Tackling and Heading (The three main things I look for in my Central Defenders) at the age of just 23! I would have liked to have signed him for a little bit cheaper but seeming as Molde are one of the strongest teams in the country, I knew they weren’t going to let him go cheaply but I’m still really pleased we signed him!

Razak I’ve signed on many football manager saves in the past and I knew what I was going to get with him as soon as I signed him. A composed and strong full back who can play on both sides of the defence. Again as soon as I saw he was available and that he wanted to come to Molde FK I had to get him in.

Now obviously with new signings coming in, some of the players were not happy and obviously wanted to leave the club. Club Captain Vegard Forren was the first to come knocking on my door. He wasn’t happy with the competition for spaces in the line up and wanted to leave so I happily obliged. With him being 30 years old, he was coming to the end of his career and with Kane coming in I already had the ideal replacement coming in to the sign so I was able to sell Forren for £475,000. Next to come knocking was Isak Ssewankambo. Now with Isak I had a dilemma. He wanted to leave and I was happy for him to go but not permanently as he has the potential to be a very good LB in my squad so I managed to get him a loan move to Kane’s former club Sandefjord.

So with everything considered I was happy with the transfer window I’ve had! Brought in some amazing prospects for the future and easily First Team players right now and got rid of the people who I thought would cause trouble and harm the atmosphere in the dressing room and got some really good deals too! So let’s see how these group of players with myself at the helm got on in the first half of the season!


March fixtures

So we started off the season with a 100% record! 3 games out of 3 and we were playing very well. The fact we also beat possibly one of our title challengers in Lillestrom early on set an early marker to our other divisional rivals too. Wasn’t enough to get us any monthly awards but I wasn’t too worried as we were sitting pretty at the top of the league and hoping to carry on this great form into April.


April fixtures

And that we did! The only result I wasn’t entirely pleased about was the game against Bodo/Glimt! This is a game we should have been winning but as we were high on confidence, and probably a but arrogance too, we got outplayed and outclassed for the whole of the 90 minutes! Definitely a wake up call to life in this league! We were also safely through to the next round of the cup too and I managed to experiment with the side and allow some youngsters and fringe players a chance to show me what I was missing out on against Kvik Halden, a division 3 side, who had held me up till half time at 0-0!

This run of form though throughout April managed to got us an award for the month!

POTM April.png

Congratulations to Erling Haland for winning the Player of the Month award for April! The 17 year old, who’s moving to Red Bull Salzburg at the end oft his season (already agreed before I joined), was on red hot form scoring in all of his games for the month and managed to get an average rating of 7.88 for the month!

League Table end of April.png

His goals has definitely contributed to us being on top of the league still by the end of April! Our feeder club Kristiansund keeping up with the pace and being just a single point behind us after 8 games. Both clubs are profiting on league champions and favourites to win the league again Rosenborg’s poor start to the season and currently sitting in 5th going into May. Definitely a hard fought month for our boys and one we needed to continue as we were playing a few of our Title contenders in the next couple of games.


May fixtures

May was a busy month with us having to play 7 games during the month and having to cram in games with us continuing in the cup. The stand out result for the month has to be the 8-1 demolition job of Tromso having only being 2-1 up at the break! Starting to notice a theme that the second half of games are when we tend to shine having scored all but 6 goals in the second half. Definitely need to sort this out in training!

We had 2 BIG games this month and they were the only games we dropped points in! A boring top of the table clash with Kristiansund with only 2 shots being on target from both teams all game! That was shortly followed by another lackluster game against Rosenborg top try and open the gap even further from them. This team doesn’t seem to show up in the big games which is a worry but at least we’re not dropping points and they can’t catch us up! It also means we ended the month undefeated!

POTM May.png

I’ve got a feeling you’re going to hear this name a lot for the rest of the season as he is on fire! Second month in a row Erling Haland has picked up the Player of the Month award and he cannot be stopped! 7 goals in 5 appearances for the month and an average of 8. Not only was Haland on fire but Fredrik Aursnes also was in the form of his life as he managed to come third for the award with an average of 7.36.

League Table end of May.png

With us not losing for the month, we managed to open the gap against now second place Valerenga to 5 points! Rosenborg are now coming back to their top form so it was good that we managed to capitialise on their early season slump.

Contract extension.png

And with this, I was offered a new deal at the club extending my contract by 2 years so there will definitely be at least 3 more of this blog series so we can all relax!


June Fixtures

We reached the half way point of the season and picking up 6 out of 6 points from these games! The squad is looking amazing and we are creating opportunities all over the park. Definitely looking bright for the rest of the season if we can continue this kind of form! There’s one more game that hasn’t been shown that was apart of June which will be shown in the next blog but it was only a cup match. Speaking of cup matches, we beat our rivals in the 4th round of the cup with a weakened side so always nice to have braggings rights!

League Table 1st half of season.png

So this is the table at the half way mark of the season and as you can see we managed to maintain our 5 point gap from second and definitely looking strong going into the break.

So I think that would be the perfect place for me to finish up this half season blog! I’m really enjoying the save and enjoying the challenge of being a different club in a country I’m not familiar with. I’ve been waiting for a save that will do this to me and I’m so glad that it’s my blog save for you all. I/m always itching to play it and I cannot wait to bring you the next half a season with you. We will be champions of Norway? Will we bottle it? Will we double the domestic double and win the cup? All will be revealed next time! Thank you so much for reading and as always if you’re enjoying the read then please do like this blog or get in touch with me on twitter @TheFMBlogger and I’ll definitely retweet and reply to you. Thank you again and see you next time!

Football Manager 19 – Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge – 2018/19 Season

Hello and welcome back to the blog post! Thank you for all the support on the first blog! It was truly amazing to see that everyone enjoyed the idea I had in mind and are interested to see how this is going to go! I hope it’s not too disappointing for you although the rest of the season is MAD. So without further ado let’s not mess around and let us begin or 2018/19 Season Blog.


November Fixtures

So we didn’t have the greatest of starts to our managerial reign of Forest Green Rovers. Luckily enough though, 3 out of the first 4 games were Cup games so there was no ground lost from the pack in front of the relegation spots with these defeats! After the Morecambe game, I did use a completely different tactic which I’m about to show you and since then it has been our main stay formation! It was UNREAL! Even though we lost 3-1 to Port Vale in extra time, we definitely held our own and was the first time we actually looked like a team. Results may have been different had we not had sending offs! So without further ado let’s have a look at the tactic which changed the WHOLE save entirely!


Would you actually believe the answer to all of my problems lied in the 4-4-2 formation? Neither did I! It was actually the same 4-4-2 that I’ve used at the end of Football Manager 18 which was created by FM Samo (which is linked in other blogs!) but with a few major tweaks, for example, we’ll be using No-Nonsense Centre Backs as I want them to clear that ball so far away from the goal and not trying to play it from the back as my players, not yet anyways, are technically gifted to play from the back. I’m also using a Pressing Forward as an Advanced Forward due to my players being more comfortable as a Pressing Forward role than the other so basically playing to my players’ strengths.

Not only was there a change in tactics, there was also a change of personnel too! I wasn’t aware at the time, but the Free Transfer Market was still open and found this man there waiting to be signed. I was expecting this transfer to go through in January so I was elated that it went through straight away and he could be played in the next game against Carlisle United. This man was of course Karl Henry

Karl Henry November.png

I felt like we were missing a leader in the changing room and on the pitch too and having witnessed this in our first 3 games, I felt I needed to bring in someone who was going to organise the whole team on the pitch and Karl definitely fits the bill! with 16 Work Rate, 17 Leadership and 16 Bravery, I felt he could be the man to drive us forward and up the league. He may not score a lot of goals, but he’s a big influence and one that I was happy to bring in.

We finished the month with back to back wins which I had noticed was the first time Forest Green had managed to do all season so definitely think these 2 factors has made an instant impact on the team already.


December Fixtures

Okay so the start of December was an absolute nightmare! After our great end of November, I was mortified to lose to Yeovil in the manner in which we did! This was a relegation 6 pointer and we just didn’t turn up! Can’t even say we had a man sent off or anything as an excuse we were just poor! We followed that up with a 2-1 defeat to then second place Mansfield Town. We were A LOT better in this game and we definitely deserved a point from this game however it wasn’t meant to be with them beating us in the 96th Minute. Devastated was an understatement. However, the end of the month was a joy to behold! It was like the Mansfield result definitely found some new life in us and we took it into the other games for the month. We were really confident heading into the new year of what we could achieve. The only problem I noticed was that we didn’t keep a single clean sheet through the whole month which was quite alarming! If we were going to improve even more then I needed to recruit well in the January Transfer Window with the defence being a priority.

partnership dec
Maybe our new Parent Club could give us a hand?

Our month was concluded with our left midfielder Theo Archibald picking up second in the Young Player of the Month award for the month! Well done Theo!player of the month dec



So as I previously mentioned, Recruitment in January was going to be key so we had to make sure we brought the right players in for the job and I feel like I did:

Ashley Fletcher Jan
Ashley Fletcher – Loan – Middlesborough

I couldn’t believe Ashley was available on loan yet alone him actually joining us! He was unhappy at Middlesborough with the lack of playing time and wanted to leave on his own request. Although not listed for loan, we put an offer in and he was excited to join! This signing was a quality signing and was excited to see how he fared in League 2.

Regan Poole Jan
Regan Poole – Loan – Manchester United

At this rate we should be called Forest Green Loaners! At this point we had 6 players on loan with us only being able to play 5! However I saw Regan in their U23’s and feel that he could be the answer to our defensive problems. We only had 3 Centre Backs in the club and we definitely needed another one with a bit of ability to slot straight into our team. With us having the partnership with Manchester United, Regan’s wages we’re covered by the club so didnt affect our finances! A win win all round!


There was only the one departure from the club this month:

Carl Winchester Jan
Carl Winchester – £75,000 – Burton Albion

Unfortunately Carl left us for Burton. He wasn’t getting regular football with us a Forest Green and was becoming unhappy and wanted to leave. Although the original plan was to loan him out till the end of the season, Burton came knocking and he wanted to go so had to accept the offer in fear of it ruining the atmosphere within the team. We wish you all the best Carl!

January Fixtures

So with these acquisitions to our team, we managed to make January a PERFECT MONTH! 5 wins out of 5! Not only did that propel us out of the relegation zone but slowly but surely was getting us closer to the Play Off battle! With some of the clubs in our league still playing in the FA Cup, Their fixtures were being congested and therefore were tired for the league games. We were having long breaks between fixtures so we could take advantage and climb the table.

With this perfect month achieved, The Football League recognised this and nominated 2 of our players in the Player and Young Player of the Month for January!

Karl Henry POTM Jan
Karl Picked Up Player of the Month! Great to see him doing well so early on!
Theo again being mentioned in the Young Player of the Month by finishing 3rd!

And not only the players got recognised for our January form… I picked up my first Managerial Award by winning the Manager of the Month Award!



February Fixtures

We carried on our amazing form from January to make it 3 wins out of 4! Our defence was looking stronger having only conceeding 3 for the whole month and extending our winning streak to 11 games! An Unbelievable achievement by us! However, a bit of De Ja Vu here but Mansfield beat us again with a late winner to end our streak at the end of the month! Wins against fellow Play Off contenders and a club to my heart Notts County and getting our revenge against Yeovil, we were looking strong going into the home straight of the league.

The only disappointment was how neither my players or I had been nominated for an end of the month award!


Youth Intake

Youth Intake Mar.png

So we started the month with our Youth Intake! I admit, not the best I’ve seen. However Adam Stevens seems to be the one we need to keep an eye on in this intake. With a potential of 2 and a half stars (maxing at 3 and a half with the right training) he could break into the first team somewhere in the future. You heard the name here first!

March Fixtures

Putting our intention back onto the first team, Another solid month still sees us in Play Off Contention! Although the start was not ideal with a 0-0 against top of the league Lincoln and a 2-0 defeat to Play Off Chasing Morecombe, The rest of the month was solid with us picking up maximum points from the last 4 games. The wins against Port Vale and MK Dons were especially pleasing with both teams sitting in 4th and 3rd Respectfully when we played them!

This month we were recognised again with both Player of the Month and Manager of the Month having us being represented.

POTM March.png
Central Midfielder Lloyd James came third in Player of The Month for March
I also came third in The Manager of the Month 


April Fixtures

Another undefeated month for us! This was a huge month with us being in contention for AUTOMATIC PROMOTION coming into this month! We should have won the game against Crawley with the amount of chances we created however we just couldn’t find the target and we paid the price. This was followed by 3 wins on a trot meaning all we had to do was win the last 2 games and hope teams around us dropped points. But as you can see, we drew with Crewe and we were very fortunate too! A penalty saving our blushes against a Crewe side who confirmed survival with that draw!

Despite all this we were heading into the playoffs with our position being confirmed against Tranmere which I never thought in a million years we’d achieve but we had! Exciting times ahead next month! The board were so happy with me and my efforts this season that they offered me this…

New Contract Apr

Of course I accepted! Otherwise this would be a pointless blog!


Right so this is a long but an AMAZING month so I’m sorry for the length of it!

May Fixtures

We ended the season with a 0-0 draw with a potential Play Off Finalist in Exeter which was a bit anticlimactic with all the wins and goals we were getting! Meaning the final table looked like this:

League Standings May.png

We were then drawn to play MK Dons in the semi final of the League 2 Play Offs which was a tough ask! MK Dons were tipped to bounce straight back into League 1 this season with Forest Green predicted Mid Table. This was going to be a tough task over the two games and it was vital we stayed in the game going into the second leg which was being decided in front of our fans! This is what happened over both legs:

Playoff Semi

The Fairytale continues!!! We’re heading into the Play Off Final!! An amazing first leg result carrried us through with both goals for us being scored in the first half! The second leg was an amazing view with MK Dons needing to attack to get back into the game and by half time they had clawed their way back. 2-2 was the score on aggregate going into the last 15 mins but Ashley Fletcher stepped up. First converting a penalty and then a powerful header from a corner giving us breathing space to enjoy our success!

Which means we are 1 win away from achieving promotion to League 1! From taking over in November being 23rd in the league to this in only half a season. How incredible is that! The question remained could we do the unthinkable and get ourselves promoted? You’ll have to wait to till next time!

I’m joking! Here’s the result and you’re never going to believe who it was against:

Playoff Final

WE ARE GOING UP SAY WE ARE GOING UP!!! We did it! We beat Notts County (of all teams) to grab promotion! Of all the results throughout this season this is the one I was proud of. I thought the occasion would take us and ruin us but it didn’t. If anything it made us stronger and more hungrier for us to grab the win we wanted in a perfection of a game for us!

Promotion Confirmed May.png

End of Season Awards

End of Season Awards May.pngTOTY May.png

Team Stats for the Year

Team Stats May

Next Season

With the joy of promotion comes the deep planning for the next season. With promotion no where near on the cards for both myself and the Chairman, It’s fair to say we will be one of the favourites to go down immediately. We obviously don’t want that with my goal is to survive by any means necessary! Meaning recruitment is going to have to be the best I’ve ever done in my 15 years of Football Manager games. Here’s the budget I’ve been trusted with:

Next Season Budget May

I didn’t think this was too bad to work with as the wage being spent at the moment is at £18,000 with some of the loans being paid on that wage bill too! So with these returning to their clubs, we will definitely be able to make some signings and hopefully not have to rely on the loan market too much.

We also managed to upgrade our Youth Facilities too! So who knows, we could be bringing in some of the youth players into the first team this season!

Youth Facility upgrade May

And with that, that’s the end of the blog! First of all thank you for reading this incredibly long blog! I realise this is long but feel like I should do the rest of the season in one blog and then sort out a point each season to divide it so it’s a bit shorter. Possibly splitting it at the end of December to bring you two parts of the season? Let me know what you think in the comments or on my twitter which @TheFMBlogger. I hope you give as much love to this blog as you did with the first and again let me know of what you think of the layout! Thank you for reading and take care!

Football Manager 2019 – Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge – Intro

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blogging site and welcome to the first Football Manager 19 post! Now I can fully admit, Football Manager 18 didn’t exactly go the way that I planned. From work schedule to family issues, I didn’t post as often as I’d like to and for that I would like to apologise. However, FM19 is a new game and this means new beginnings which I cannot wait to bring for the next 12 months! From saves to experiments I hope to bring more content out than I did on the last game and hopefully kick on from there. Your support is always appreciated and I cannot wait to return the favour so without further ado let’s begin!

A huge problem for me was deciding the save that I wanted to do as the main save for the game. I thought of many different concepts from Journeyman to Lower League Management but nothing really made me feel excited to do for you all for a long term. Until I stumbled upon this idea.I saw many Streamers doing this challenge at the back end of FM18 such as Proudie and DoctorBenjy FM just as a filler from their main saves to the new game and after watching them doing these challenges I thought why not make this my main save for the year, hence the blog!

So for those of you who are not familiar with this challenge, allow me to explain the background of it and what I hope to achieve in this blog. I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with one of the greatest managers that grace the game of football, Sir Alex Ferguson. He took over, a then struggling, Manchester United on the 6th Novemeber 1986 with the club Second Bottom of the Premier League and stayed at the club till the end of the 2012/13 season having bringing 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups and 2 Champions League Titles as well as bringing continued success to the club for nearly 26 years. An outstanding achievement that I feel no one will ever match in the modern day era of football.

Which brings me on nicely to the save we are doing. I’m going to try and recreate the time he spent at one club and potentially try and beat this record but I’m not even going to be a Manchester United, I’m not even going to be in the Premier League. I’m going to be starting in League 2, The fourth tier of English Football.

So the Manager Set Up and I’ve started myself with Top Coaching Badges and Top Reputation as let’s face it Sir Alex would have had the same coaching and reputation taking the United job and also saves us a bit of time in the future!

fm 2018-11-01 22-44-08-32.jpg

So just to put a little context on what has happened so far. I’ve holidayed to the 6th November 2018 and will take over Second Bottom of League 2 and try and recreate Sir Alex Ferguson’s time span at the club so let’s see who that’s going to be!

fm 2018-11-01 22-44-32-75

So for those who cannot see who it is, Its Forest Green Rovers! They are just 1 point from being out the relegation places so it’s not mission impossible! If we can get a few results together then we can definitely be within the pack of mid table for the rest of this season!Untitled-1

Board ExpectationsUntitled-2.png

With what I’ve seen in terms of team ability (which you’ll see soon!) and where we are in the league, I definitely feel that we can achieve these goals set by the board for the remainder of the season. As previously mentioned, we’re only a point from being out of the relegation places and with a couple of good results we can compete in the mid table area so I 100% feel we can do this!

Squadfm 2018-11-01 22-58-27-71.jpg

So the squad doesn’t look too bad! lot’s of 3 star players for the league (which I like to see) with a couple of players even exceeding that. It’s definitely a squad that can get results quick and fast playing in the right formation and tactics too. I’ve highlighted some key players too with 3 out of the 4 being in defence! So at the back we should be steady. I do feel I need to dip into the market in January as outside the squad of 18, I feel the lack of quality isn’t really there and if one of them have a horrific injury, then we’ll struggle to find a decent replacement for them so recruiting wisely is definitely needed. Even if it means I dip into the loan market!

Key Players

fm 2018-11-01 22-58-32-46
George Williams – Attacking Right Midfielder
fm 2018-11-01 22-58-40-46.jpg
Liam Shephard – Right Back
fm 2018-11-01 22-58-47-48.jpg
Farrend Rawson – Centre Back/ Right Back
fm 2018-11-01 22-58-55-09
Joseph Mills – Left Back


fm 2018-11-01 22-58-01-86.jpg

So with the new tactic system that Football Manager have brought into this year’s version, It took me a while to get my head around and come up with a tactic for this year. The tactic you can see here is a base model that I had from Football Manager 18 and tweaked it for this year. I decided to go for the Gegenpress with this team as I like to get the ball back pretty quickly with my teams to avoid a chance from happening. Also with the ball I like it to be built up and for us all to move as one solid unit in the attack and felt this style of play also agreed with the players I had in the squad. There could be times I’ll revert to the 4-4-2 i.e away from home against the stronger teams int he league but we definitely need to have a go at scoring goals if we are to achieve what we need to for this season.

So I feel this is the appropriate time for us to finish our intro of this blog! I am very excited of the challenge ahead with this team and I cannot wait to get started on the save. I cannot wait to also see if we can bring the same amount of success for a club in League 2 as Sir Alex did for United and become a legend like he did in the Managerial world. I haven’t been this excited in a while and I cannot wait to bring you along with me every step of the way.

The next update will be at the end of the season to see if we managed to A) Stay Up and B) Achieve the targets set to us by the board. Thank you ever so much for reading the blog and I’m really excited to bring you more! Please give a like and a follow on twitter @TheFMBlogger for twitter updates on the save and have your say on them! Thank you!

Football Manager Blog Series – Limerick FC

Hello and welcome back! First of all before we get started, I just want to thank all of you for the support that I have received since coming back and blogging. Your support has been truly amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better reception! My first blog was a huge success and has spurred me on to start the new series which should last me until Football Manager 19 so thank you for reading the experiment! I’m sure to have more out in the near future! So with that out of the way it’s time to start the new series!


So I have a long Football Manager relationship with Limerick FC in Republic of Ireland’s top tier. This stems back to Football Manager 16 where I wanted a challenge with a club who NOT in the top 5 countries for Football (England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany) with the aim to build my reputation high enough to manage in one of the five countries previously mentioned. I stumbled upon Limerick and the love affair grew so much that I didn’t have the heart to leave! I’ve played with them on FM17 and realised that so far in FM18 I haven’t done so… Until Now! The database I’m using is the one from SortitoutSI where they bring you the most current database with all new transfers, management changes boardroom changes on a regular basis. If you want to download the database yourself then click here


So I’ve gone with the reputation and qualifications that are the minimum to use in the Irish Top Division which are Continental Pro License and the reputation of a Professional Football (Local Level). As well as trying to get a famous Champions League with Limerick, I want to also wanted to grow my reputation to keep the series fun and exciting as well as challenging for me playing! It’s also a nice topic to discuss during the blogs too. Literally starting from the bottom in terms of repuation.

fm 2018-09-10 22-58-38-24



Season Preview

Season Preview


First Team

fm 2018-09-10 23-03-38-75


So overall I was happy with the squad in terms of quality that I had at disposal for the targets previously mentioned. I tend to look for players that are 3 stars and above and as you can see there’s a lot in the squad! The only problem I have is a lack of players all across the defense in terms of quality. We seem to have quite a lot of young players so wouldn’t hurt to look for some experience which we will definitely be looking at as a major focal point in the transfer market. A few fringe players who may not feature as much but will be used as extra bodies as the squad is not very big! So not a huge transfer market for us but definitely know where we need to improve.

fm 2018-09-10 23-03-41-99fm 2018-09-10 23-03-47-03fm 2018-09-10 23-03-52-96

So these are the players that are going to have to have great seasons for the team to be performing well this season. They all play in Midfield areas so it’s not an area I’m looking to strengthen too much. It’s also where we will have some experience too with both Shane Duggan and Barry Maguire to help with such a young team.

Staff Members

The problem that we had when I walked into the club was that it was only me and my youth development coach that were the coaching staff! I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s going to be enough for the whole season so new staff recruits were a must! After searching high and low throughout the country I managed to bring in a very good backroom staff with bags of experience and cannot wait to see what they can do with the squad!

fm 2018-09-13 18-25-21-15
Tim Davies – Scout
fm 2018-09-10 23-08-24-81
Victor Valdes – Coach
fm 2018-09-13 18-25-49-64
Eamonn McGeever – Scout
fm 2018-09-13 18-27-00-42
Peter Mead – Chief Scout
fm 2018-09-13 18-53-15-84
John Limbu – Head of Sports Science
fm 2018-09-13 18-53-31-16
Mike Preston – Physio



fm 2018-09-13 18-57-32-42
Ian McLoughlin – Goalkeeper – Free Transfer
fm 2018-09-13 18-36-12-37
Jonathan Douglas – Central Midfielder – Free Transfer
fm 2018-09-13 18-31-05-09
Paul Heffernan – Striker – Free Transfer
fm 2018-09-13 19-03-06-57
Spencer Brown – Right Back – Free Transfer



So… This is awkward… You’re probably thinking why have you strengthen everywhere else on the pitch apart from the areas you previously mentioned? Well 1) I’m an idiot. 2) Not many realistic targets for the positions I needed and 3) These players improve the squad. I wasn’t going to go for signings in other positions unless they improved the side and every single one did! The transfer window has now slammed shut but I am happy with the signings I’ve made and I cannot wait to see what they can do in a Limerick FC shirt!



So with the players I have already at the club and the players I have just signed, I’ve gone for this to be our main tactic for the season!

Tactic 1

Definitely a tactic I have tried and tested at a number of clubs and definitely works for clubs of this stature! One thing with this tactic is that the wingers are VERY effective in this tactic. Whether they’re assisting goals or even grabbing them themselves, they definitely get a hand on much of the action so it’s a very good job one of my wingers is one of the best players in the league! Also the amount of fouls and yellow cards my team receives is RIDICULOUS so that is something I need to keep in mind and try to control by making my team more disciplined. So seeming as it looks like I’m going to be getting a lot of suspensions with this tactic if I can’t get the balance right, I have this as a back up..

Tactic 2

Yes it’s a 4-4-2 but a very effective 4-4-2 at that! Again it’s a formation that goes with the squad very well and I feel that if I need to shake things up in the tactics department then this is the formation to change too. I read about this from a fellow FM Blogger in FM Samo and thought I’d give it a go with other teams around the same level as Torquay United and it actually works! So thank you to FM Samo for actually creating a 4-4-2 tactic that works! If you want to have a read of the article he wrote about it and to download for you to try yourself then click here

Pre Season Fixtures



Which leads us to the end of this part of the Limerick FC Blog! I’m really excited to see how this save gets on and where we will get to! It’s been a while since I’ve been excited and focused on a save of Football Manager! I cannot wait to bring you along on this journey and see us get promoted through the leagues! As previously mentioned the transfer market is still OPEN so if you have any suggestions for signings, especially in the areas I’m looking for then comment on the blog or let me know on my twitter @TheFMBlogger and I’ll make sure to take a look at them! Thank you for reading and we shall have another update half way through the season to see how we get on in the Season in my First Job! Thank you and take care!

18/19 Premier League Season According to FM! Football Manager 18 Experiment

Hello! Welcome back to the page! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this. If you’re wondering where I went, I went to try other projects other than blogging and unfortunately for one reason or another it never happened. I am happy to be back writing as it’s where I feel most comfortable in Football Manager content creating and I cannot wait to see where this adventure is going to take us! Buckle up! So a brand new branding and under another name! Aren’t you guys lucky! Let me know what you think to it and without further ado let’s begin this blog!

So not only will I be doing a Football Manager series here on the website (which will start in the near future) we will also be doing Football Manager Experiments which will involve different scenarios such as Manager and Player transfers, different types of leagues which neatly brings me onto the one I am doing today.

The Premier League Season starts later tonight as last season’s runners up Manchester United take on Leicester City in the Premier League curtain raiser at Old Tradford. Many arguments across the country and the world will take place over who will win, who will settle for Champions League or Europa League football and who will be relegated to the second tier of English Football, The Championship. Well thanks to SortitoutSi, there is a database that has everything up to date for us FM players to play to keep us entertained until the new game comes out in November. Today I will be using this database to determine the outcome for the up coming season and how well your club will do in the 18/19 Premier League Season so let’s see the results!

Premier League

So before a ball has even been kicked, Football Manager has given these odds for the upcoming season. They’ve predicted that Manchester City defend their title and that 2 of the 3 promoted teams, Fulham and Cardiff City will be relegated. After their heriocs of defying the odds and staying up last season, Football Manager have predicted Huddersfield Town to be the third and final team relegated to the Championship at the end of the season. So let’s see how well FM did in predicting the outcome…

Table After.png

So where do I begin with this! Even though their transfer deals have not been good enough this summer, FM predict Manchester United will dethrone Manchester City for the Premier League title this year winning their first League title since Sir Alex retired. Chelsea and Tottenham join the two Manchester clubs in the Champions League with Unai Emery’s first season in charge not changing any fortunes for Arsenal finishing in 5th and Burnley proving their previous season wasn’t a fluke by finishing a place higher in 6th for guaranteed Europa League spots. Liverpool fans may want to look away after having a nightmare of a season and finish in 7th having spent a lot of money on transfers! Newly Promoted Wolves finishing mid-table.

At the other end of the table, Fulham, who spent well in the summer, finish rock bottom of the league but not cut adrift. Surprising for all the wrong reasons Watford join them in the Championship along with Brighton meaning Cardiff managed to do the seemingly impossible and survived after being predicted to be rock bottom.

Wow! A lot of things have happened in this save that I was not expecting! I definitely wasn’t expecting United to win the league, Liverpool missing out on Europe, Burnley winning a place in the Europa League and Cardiff City to survive! For me City would have been winning the lead with possibly United fighting for Europe. I also thought that Liverpool would challenge City to the title! A very interesting save! But we’re not done!

Other Competitions

fm 2018-08-10 11-39-07-44
Man City win the F.A Cup after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final
fm 2018-08-10 11-24-36-24
Tonight’s opening fixture was the final of the Carabao Cup with United being victorious
fm 2018-08-10 11-39-18-76
City couldn’t quite manage to get their first Champions League after losing to Ronaldo’s Juventus 2-1 in the final
fm 2018-08-10 16-55-33-38
Arsenal went the furthest in the Europa League with a Semi Final defeat to Real Madrid

So what we can take from this is that the Manchester clubs are going to be strong on all the competitions this season. City and United both being 1 and 2 in the league and both picking up the other two domestic cups in England. United exited the Champions League in the Semi Finals and City defeated Finalists and with Arsenal also having a strong showing in the Europa League means England are going to be well represented in Europe this season according to Football Manager 18.

But that’s still not everything as we explore personal accolades in the league this season. Who scored the most goals? Who was the best Keeper in the league? Who got PFA and PWA player of the year along with so many more questions. Let’s hand you over to the End of Season Awards Show!

End of Season Awards Show

So for the first award it is Golden Boot time!Golden Boot

1st Place: Harry Kane – 18 – Tottenham
2nd Place: Sergio Aguero – 17 – Man City
3rd Place: Romelu Lukaku – 16 – Man United

This was incredibly tight with there being only 2 goqls between 1st and 3rd and each position being separated by 1 goal! But it was Harry Kane who did just enough to retain his personal title from the previous season!

Golden Glove

1st: Kepa – 15 Clean Sheets – Chelsea
2nd: De Gea – 12 Clean Sheets – Man Utd
3rd: Darlow – 11 Clean Sheets – Newcastle Utd

New sigining Kepa manages to win this accolade this season which looks positive for any Chelsea fans reading this blog! Steering off De Gea and Karl Darlow for the Golden Glove Award.


Winner: Kevin De Bruyne – Man City

Arguably one of the favourites to win both awards last season, He finally wins it as Kevin De Bruyne is the PFA and PWA Player of the Year! With his 12 goals and 21 assists, he definitely was a big part of Man City’s title challenge with an average rating of 7.55. An outstanding achievement to be so consistant threat throughout the season! He’s definitely one to watch this season!

PFA Young Player.png

Winner: Leroy Sane – Man City

After collecting the player of the year award, Man City have only gone and get the Young Player award too with Leroy Sane picking it up! Appearing 27 times for City in the league, Sane managed to grab 8 goals and 2 Assists and grabbing a 7.14 average rating this season. Although he’s not been a direct threat for City, It’s clear to see he’s working hard for the team and the things he does off the ball have helped his team to a 2nd Place finish in the Premier League. Narrowly missing out of the German World Cup squad in the summer definitely spurred him on to win this award this summer. Another one to look out for!


Winner: Sean Dyche – Burnley

Normally the winner of the league wins this award but how can you overlook the job that Sean Dyche has done at Burnley! Not only did he managed to guide Burnley to a Europa League place last season, he’s done one better by climbing a place into 6th and beat Liverpool to an automatic Europa League spot! Unbelievable achievement and if this happens for Burnley this season in real life then Burnley will have a hard time keeping hold of him as their manager! Burnley Fans should really be excited!


So as you can see, The Team of the Season is largely Manchester based with both teams managing to have 5 representatives in the team with the other being Harry Kane for Tottenham. This goes to show that this season is largely Manchester dominated and it tends to suggest this is going to be a 2 horse race.

Well what a season Football Manager 18 has predicted for these next few months! I cannot wait to see if any of this experiment comes true in any way and when it does you will have me to thank! Thank you so much for reading this blog. Let me know what you think of it all, Do you agree with what you’ve read or Do you think other things will happen? Let me know on my twitter @ThatFMGuy and also if you want to play the new database head over to SortitoutSI’s website (Click the link on SortitoutSI’s for direct link) and download it yourselves and let me know how you get on! It updates every so often to give you the most up to date database that you’ll find anywhere. I really cannot wait to write some more content for you and for you to join me on my journeys across Football Manager! Thank you!